Part of speech: verb

To twist with violence; wrench; distort, as the body in pain.

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Usage examples "writhe":

  1. But he gave a sudden thrust, and with a sinuous writhe he was free, while I was carried back by the rush of men with the vague impression that something was amiss with me. - "Blindfolded", Earle Ashley Walcott.
  2. In vain did the enraged animal bellow and writhe himself about in all the convulsions of madness; his intrepid foe, without ever quitting his hold, suffered himself to be dragged about the field, still continuing his discipline, till the creature was almost spent with the fatigue of his own violent agitations. - "The History of Sandford and Merton", Thomas Day.
  3. I'd marry that thin wretch Joseph to- morrow if he'd have me, and I'd stick pins in him all the rest of his life to see him writhe. - "A Double Knot", George Manville Fenn.