Part of speech: noun

One who earns his bread by manual labor; an artisan; mechanic.

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Usage examples "workingman":

  1. But here in America, he said that he too was a workingman and was heart and soul for the workingman. - "A History of Trade Unionism in the United States", Selig Perlman.
  2. This true American policy taxes foreign products and encourages home industry; it puts the burden of revenue on foreign goods; it secures the American market for the American producer; it upholds the American standard of wages for the American workingman; it puts the factory by the side of the farm, and makes the American farmer less dependent on foreign demand and price; it diffuses general thrift, and founds the strength of all on the strength of each. - "A History of the Republican Party", George Washington Platt.
  3. But my father was a workingman. - "The Second Generation", David Graham Phillips.