Part of speech: adjective

Commonly used or done; habitual; accustomed.

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Usage examples "wonted":

  1. After breakfast the trunks arrived and the young ladies were busy; and two or three days passed quietly in getting wonted. - "Hills of the Shatemuc", Susan Warner.
  2. It continued with me about a month or more; but one day as I was standing at a neighbour's shop- window, and there cursing and swearing after my wonted manner, there sate within the woman of the house and heard me, who, though she was a loose and ungodly wretch, protested that I swore and cursed at such a rate that she trembled to hear me. - "Bunyan", James Anthony Froude.
  3. How strange it was to feel the wonted glow at Clarence's return coupled with a frightful sense of disgrace and depression. - "Chantry House", Charlotte M. Yonge.