Part of speech: noun

A genus of climbing shrubs of the bean family, with clusters of purplish flowers.

Part of speech: noun

A plant of this genus. wistaria.

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Usage examples "wisteria":

  1. The trunk of this vine is very thick and sturdy and twists itself into as many fantastic shapes as a wisteria. - "A House Party with the Tucker Twins", Nell Speed.
  2. The purple splendor of the wisteria recalls the garden that I always entered with a fearful joy, for here a French gardener reigned absolute, and the flowers might be looked at, but not pulled. - "Aunt Jane of Kentucky", Eliza Calvert Hall.
  3. This room should be in lavender, and if it is impossible to secure the wisteria for a pattern, show Japanese photographs or have Japanese tableaux, a reading from " Madame Butterfly," or " The Japanese Nightingale," and give tiny fans tied with violet ribbon in this room. - "Games For All Occasions", Mary E. Blain.