Part of speech: noun


Part of speech: verb

To separate grain from chaff by a current of air.

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Usage examples "winnow":

  1. So far from admitting the soundness of the principle, we hold that no monikin is ever wholly right, or that he will be wholly right, so long as he remains in the least under the influence of matter; and we therefore winnow the false from the true, rejecting the former as worse than useless, while we take the latter as the nutriment of facts. - "The Monikins", J. Fenimore Cooper.
  2. Burn, burn, O Fire, O Wind, now winnow throughly! - "Lotus Buds", Amy Carmichael.
  3. From all this it follows that anthropologists must sift and winnow their evidence, like men employed in every other branch of science. - "Modern Mythology", Andrew Lang.