Part of speech:

Same as WILFUL, etc.

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Usage examples "willfulness":

  1. While she said little to him or to anyone else in his presence, he became aware of the willfulness and joyous lightness which played on her nature's changeable surface. - "Alice of Old Vincennes", Maurice Thompson.
  2. But she was quite as much the friend of Lilias as was her livelier sister, and never did his cousin seem so beautiful to Allan, never was she so dear, as when, with pretty willfulness; she hung about Graeme, claiming a right to share with Rose the caresses or gentle reproofs of the elder sister. - "Janet's Love and Service", Margaret M Robertson.
  3. She dressed herself in a gleeful mode, full of laughing willfulness, Marvel, her maid, superintending in stiff displeasure, for the attire chosen did not meet her approbation. - "East Lynne", Mrs. Henry Wood.