Part of speech: verb

To be desirous; have a wish; mostly in the form would.

Part of speech: verb

As an auxiliary verb, in the first person a sign of purpose, and in the second and third persons, of futurity. See SHALL.

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Usage examples "wil":

  1. It wil be such fun, and I'm rather sick of work." - "Winding Paths", Gertrude Page.
  2. I being then forced by necessity, though it were against my wil, uncovered the bodies: but O good Lord what a strange sight did I see, what a monster? - "The Golden Asse", Lucius Apuleius.
  3. Seid stille, vnd erkennet, das ich Gott bin, Ich wil ehre einlegen vnter den Heiden, ich wil ehre einlegen auff erden. - "An anthology of German literature", Calvin Thomas.