Part of speech: noun

A whim. whimsey.

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Usage examples "whimsy":

  1. It's inconvenient to be so dependent, and sometimes I regret that unfortunate market crash of 2009 that wiped out my own money, although it did keep me from marrying Whimsy White, and van Manderpootz, through his subjunctivisor, succeeded in proving that that would have been a catastrophe. - "The Ideal", Stanley Grauman Weinbaum.
  2. As it was, every fascinating little whimsy of hers stabbed him afresh with the pain of her need and of his helplessness. - "Starr, of the Desert", B. M Bower.
  3. My tastes bring a smile to his lips; he wonders by what whimsy I prefer wood that is worm- eaten, chirouna, as he calls it, to sound wood, which burns so much better. - "The Glow-Worm and Other Beetles", Jean Henri Fabre.