Part of speech: verb

To send forth whiffs, as of smoke; throw out, as whiffs.

Part of speech: noun

A slight gust, as one bearing an odor; puff, as of smoke.

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Usage examples "whiff":

  1. He blew it away in a whiff of scorn. - "Miss Theodosia's Heartstrings", Annie Hamilton Donnell.
  2. A whiff of stir and bustle brought in along with the iron fangs of the Monster brings a sense of fresh life to these people, whose existence seemed one long decay of better things, like that of the ruins amongst which they spend their days. - "By Desert Ways to Baghdad", Louisa Jebb.
  3. So they had a very merry luncheon, though an occasional whiff of guilt made Joy fall silent- which was not noticeable, because Philip's conversation flowed on brightly in all the breaks, and sometimes when there weren't any. - "The Wishing-Ring Man", Margaret Widdemer.