Part of speech: noun


Part of speech: verb

To remove the weeds from; root out, as weeds.

Part of speech: noun

Any troublesome useless plant.

Part of speech: noun

A token of mourning worn as part of the dress.

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Usage examples "weed":

  1. There is no need for the yellow man to take this weed to our land, interrupted Komba, for there we have plenty. - "Allan and the Holy Flower", H. Rider Haggard.
  2. But the Committee's business is to weed out the dangerous element which is altogether too large in this town; and the Committee feels that you are one of the most dangerous. - "The Gringos", B. M. Bower.
  3. The crab who under the brown weed creeps, And the snail who lies in his house and sleeps, Awake and stir, as the plunging sweeps Of the tide come tumbling in. - "Sea Poems", Cale Young Rice.