Part of speech: noun


Part of speech: adjective

Resembling wax; hence, plastic.

Part of speech: adjective

Made of or coated with wax.

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Usage examples "waxy":

  1. Suddenly the smoke thickened into a dense black cloud of a pungent, waxy odour, and immediately afterwards bright tongues of flame came darting up between the bales and packages upon which the men in the hold were working. - "The Log of a Privateersman", Harry Collingwood.
  2. For a long time people believed this was honey dew, but instead, it is a waxy substance which is not sweet. - "The Insect Folk", Margaret Warner Morley.
  3. He was indeed desperately involved, being so completely wound up in the waxy mass that he could not climb over the tub's edge. - "Penelope's Irish Experiences", Kate Douglas Wiggin.