Part of speech: verb

To weave, as twigs, into a network; form, as baskets, of flexible twigs.

Part of speech: noun

A frame of rods or twigs platted together, or a twig so used.

Part of speech: noun

A fleshy growth depending from the head or neck of a bird, as a cock.

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Usage examples "wattle":

  1. In among the north- eastern hills, where a farmer's daub- and- wattle cottage stood, were the prisoners of war, chatting and joking with their captors. - "With the Boer Forces", Howard C. Hillegas.
  2. It has a short beak and a small wattle. - "The Book of Household Management", Mrs. Isabella Beeton.
  3. The time was early December, and the golden wattle in full bloom. - "The Lost Valley", J. M. Walsh.