What does the word watt mean?

Usage examples for watt

  1. We may imagine that such questions were in the minds of those two French paper- makers, just as similar questions were in the mind of James Watt when he was discovering the power of steam. – The Mastery of the Air by William J. Claxton
  2. He likewise has had wrists and arms to match with such hands, and- in the practical engineer- that is, the engineer whose particular gift is coping with ordinary problems of construction, as against the genius who blazes new trails, like Watt and Westinghouse and Edison and Marconi and the Wright brothers- a head whose contour was along the " well- shaped" lines. – Opportunities in Engineering by Charles M. Horton
  3. Watt was born in Greenock, Scotland, January 19, 1736. He was a poor boy and early in life he was thrown upon his own resources. – Great Inventions and Discoveries by Willis Duff Piercy