Part of speech: noun

A lining for the lower portion of inner walls, usually of paneled wood.

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Usage examples "wainscot":

  1. The angle of the room at the right side of the window was cut off by an oblique turn in the wainscot. - "The Room in the Dragon Volant", J. Sheridan LeFanu.
  2. I now applied my key to the secret locks; drew the wainscot door a little open, took my strong box under my arm, extinguished my candle, unbolted my door, listened at it for a few moments to be sure that no one was approaching, and then crossed the floor of my room swiftly, entered the secret door, and closed the spring lock after me. - "The Room in the Dragon Volant", J. Sheridan LeFanu.
  3. He broods upon the war news, and his fate Which keeps him from the war, looks up and sees His scarred face in the mirror over the wainscot; His lashless eyes and browless brows and head With patches of thin hair. - "Domesday Book", Edgar Lee Masters.