Part of speech: noun

A mass of rotating fluid; a whirl in a fluid; whirlpool; whirlwind.

Part of speech: adjective


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Usage examples "vortex":

  1. You hope to plunge into the vortex of a great city, where you can elude observation and obliterate all traces. - "At the Mercy of Tiberius", August Evans Wilson.
  2. The instinct of self- preservation, harassed and menaced on every side, becomes more assertive, and the guard is soon drawn into the vortex of the " system." - "Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist", Alexander Berkman.
  3. We were in a vortex of shot, shell and smoke, and could not tell accurately, but we saw one of their boats on fire and sinking soon after the action began. - "Our War with Spain for Cuba's Freedom", Trumbull White.