Part of speech: noun

Food for human beings.

Part of speech: verb

To furnish or store with victuals.

Part of speech: noun


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Usage examples "victual":

  1. I had then a mind to victual my boat or little cruiser, and prepare myself for a voyage of two or three days, which I thought I might safely undertake, as I had never seen a troubled sea since I came to the island; for though I heard the wind often roaring over my head, yet it coming always from the land- side, it never disturbed the water near the shore. - "Life And Adventures Of Peter Wilkins, Vol. I. (of II.)", Robert Paltock Commentator: A. H. Bullen.
  2. A convoy of corn, meat, and other necessaries, sufficient to victual the place for three months, was accordingly collected, and on the twenty- second of September left the Spanish camp. - "Stories of Authors, British and American", Edwin Watts Chubb.
  3. I waited for some little time with my eyes on the parlour door, but it did not open again; and as no one came in from outside, and I needed no more either of drink or victual, I felt that I must needs be trudging. - "Marjorie", Justin Huntly McCarthy.