Part of speech: noun

The vicinity; neighborhood.

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Usage examples "vicinage":

  1. Hence it ensued that what her mind had gathered of the real concerning them was too exclusively confined to those tragic and terrible traits of which, in listening to the secret annals of every rude vicinage, the memory is sometimes compelled to receive the impress. - "Emily Brontë", A. Mary F. (Agnes Mary Frances) Robinson.
  2. He saw people, along the Marina, take this liberty with other resting presences; but his own struck them perhaps in general as either of too grim or just of too dingy a vicinage. - "The Finer Grain", Henry James.
  3. For many miles around, the vicinage presents a volcanic aspect, wild, barren, howlingly dreary. - "The Book of Khalid", Ameen Rihani.