Part of speech: verb

To agitate; disturb.

Part of speech: verb

To provoke or irritate by small annoyances; annoy.

Part of speech: verb

To cause grief to; afflict; distress.

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Usage examples "vex":

  1. But, you say, there is a Christian man who makes me so impatient; he does trouble me and vex me so with his stupidity. - "The Master's Indwelling", Andrew Murray.
  2. I will not, darling; but do not vex me by saying that you are unfit. - "Lady Anna", Anthony Trollope.
  3. If it were not that I could not bear to see father miserable, I think it would be better if you did take Emerson's house; but it would vex him, poor good man. - "Poor Jack", Frederick Marryat.