Part of speech: noun

One who treats diseases of domestic animals; a horse- doctor. veterinary.

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Usage examples "veterinarian":

  1. Timber is said to be unsound, and although we may be little acquainted with the cause by which it is produced, yet its actual state of rottenness is evident:- a horse is unsound, in consequence of some morbid affection that can be pointed out by the veterinarian:- a dentist can detect an unsound tooth:- a physician, from certain well marked symptoms, concludes that the lungs or liver of an individual are unsound:- particular doctrines are held to be unsound, because they deflect from such as are orthodox, and it is presumed there may be an unsound exposition of the law. - "A Letter to the Right Honorable the Lord Chancellor, on the Nature and Interpretation of Unsoundness of Mind, and Imbecility of Intellect", John Haslam.
  2. The existence of this disease should at once be reported to your nearest Veterinarian. - "The Veterinarian", Chas. J. Korinek.
  3. There is some danger attached to this method of treatment, and if attempted I would advise the services of a competent Veterinarian. - "The Veterinarian", Chas. J. Korinek.