Part of speech: noun

One of the small bones that form the spinal column or back- bone.

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Usage examples "vertebra":

  1. His ponderous scientific brain told him one thing in plain terms, and yet he was leaning on the words of a chit that wouldn't know a carboniferous vertebra from an Upper Silurian gerumpsus. - "Ma Pettengill", Harry Leon Wilson.
  2. We do know that all blood for use of the whole system below the twelfth dorsal vertebra does pass through the diaphragm, and all nerve supply, also passes through the diaphragm and spinal column for limb and life. - "Philosophy of Osteopathy", Andrew T. Still.
  3. " I wish I had my hands on the processes of that atlas vertebra," he said. - "The Power and the Glory", Grace MacGowan Cooke.