Part of speech: adjective

Like velvet.

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Usage examples "velvety":

  1. The plants are very viscid, and the stem, except in young plants, is velvety hairy with dark hairs. - "Studies of American Fungi. Mushrooms, Edible, Poisonous, etc.", George Francis Atkinson.
  2. A ride over these placid waters, in and out, around rocky headlands, among woody mountains, along beautiful beaches and graceful tongues of velvety meadows- all 'neath the shadows of towering, snow- clad peaks, is a delight worth days of travel to experience. - "Oregon, Washington and Alaska; Sights and Scenes for the Tourist", E. L. Lomax.
  3. Stir in cheese slowly until melted and finish off by thickening with the egg and stirring until smooth and velvety. - "The Complete Book of Cheese", Robert Carlton Brown.