Part of speech: noun

A miscellaneous theatrical entertainment.

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Usage examples "vaudeville":

  1. Joe, what little self- respect he had gone, slunk out of the room and needed several whiskeys in a neighbouring saloon to give him courage to go to the theatre and wait for Hattie, who was playing in vaudeville houses pending the opening of her company. - "The Sport of the Gods", Paul Laurence Dunbar.
  2. Do you remember the man you and I saw in the vaudeville, who exclaims every now and then, 'Vive mon oncle! - "Checkmate", Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu.
  3. The white and crimson sign flapped in the soft breeze companionably responsive to the modest announcement, " Marble Workshop, Reproductions and Antiques, Garden Furniture," which so inadequately invited those whom it might concern to a view of the petrified vaudeville within. - "Outside Inn", Ethel M. Kelley.