Part of speech: adjective

Varying; variable; fickle.

Part of speech: noun

A variant form of the same thing; in this Dictionary, a word or phrase of the same meaning but of different form; denoted by.

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Usage examples "variant":

  1. Klindworth makes a variant in the fourth bar from the last, a G sharp instead of an F sharp. - "Chopin: The Man and His Music", James Huneker.
  2. It led him to new and variant ways of defining accent; some of which seem to imply a division of consonants from their vowels in utterance, or to suggest that syllables are not the least parts of spoken words. - "The Grammar of English Grammars", Goold Brown.
  3. Europe, since history began, has been overfilled with clashing peoples and races with variant beliefs, traditions and languages, and with opposed economic interests. - "American World Policies", Walter E. Weyl.