Part of speech: noun

A thin plate, pivoted out of center, on a vertical rod, so as to turn its shorter end toward the point from which the wind blows.

Part of speech: noun

An arm or blade, as of a windmill, propeller, etc.

Part of speech: noun

The shaft and barbs of a feather.

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Usage examples "vane":

  1. The walls of the houses stood up along the streets, the vane of a pagoda darted aloft and glittered in the sun, but no form moved along the narrow ways, no face peered out upon them as they passed. - "Jack Haydon's Quest", John Finnemore.
  2. And worse, he wasn't Shelley Vane Plunkett- he was Bugs Plunkett; and his mother's heart broke again. - "Ma Pettengill", Harry Leon Wilson.
  3. With a sigh of relief Miss Vane seated herself in a corner. - "The Bail Jumper", Robert J. C. Stead.