Part of speech: noun

A sweetheart.

Part of speech: noun

A letter or token sent on St. Valentine's day ( Feb. 14).

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Usage examples "valentine":

  1. They've got hold of every foolish little thing we teased each other about that afternoon; Guy Ferris' valentine and brass button, and the little silver arrow Malcolm Maclntyre gave Lloyd years ago, and all we said about the way we'd like to be proposed to, you know- when we were talking about the 'Fortunes of Daisy Dale. - "The Little Colonel at Boarding-School", Annie Fellows Johnston.
  2. Another reason for believing that this play deals with Shakespeare's own experiences is to be found in the curious change that takes place in Valentine. - "The Man Shakespeare", Frank Harris.
  3. " Our camp life is a very pleasant one," remarked Valentine. - "Waihoura, the Maori Girl", W.H.G. Kingston.