Part of speech: noun

Vacant or empty space; a space or vessel from which the air has been exhausted.

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Usage examples "vacuum":

  1. One swooper they brought to earth with a disintegrator ray beam, by creating a vacuum beneath it, but they did it no serious damage, for its fall was a light one. - "The Airlords of Han", Philip Francis Nowlan.
  2. This occurred every two or three minutes, and, remembering what Thorwald had previously told us, we realized that we were riding in a perfectly tight car in a vacuum tube and that these short but frequent stops were to keep us supplied with fresh air. - "Daybreak: A Romance of an Old World", James Cowan.
  3. He was the first to obtain a vacuum by means of mercury; and he also improved the microscope and the telescope. - "More Hunting Wasps", J. Henri Fabre.