Part of speech: noun

The right of enjoying things belonging to another and of drawing from them all profit they produce without wasting their substance.

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Usage examples "usufruct":

  1. For all the many pleasing esthetic qualities you will find in it- dramatic inventiveness, humor and pathos, eloquence, elfin glamor and the like- you must bless the original author: of these things I have only the usufruct. - "A Christmas Garland", Max Beerbohm.
  2. The current prestige value which they enjoy is beyond their unaided powers to create or maintain, without the usufruct of the community. - "An Inquiry Into The Nature Of Peace And The Terms Of Its Perpetuation", Thorstein Veblen.
  3. It was better to be cheated a little in order to get the pleasure of making up her mind and then changing it, of fancying herself possessor now of this and now of that, and finally getting what she liked best after having had the usufruct of the whole stock. - "Duffels", Edward Eggleston.