Part of speech: noun

Goods used in upholstering.

Part of speech: noun

The act or business of upholstering.

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Usage examples "upholstery":

  1. Set not your affections on luxurious upholstery and spacious drawing- room. - "Around The Tea-Table", T. De Witt Talmage.
  2. He had always liked to believe that " grandes dames" leaned back in the luxurious upholstery of their victorias, landaulettes, daumonts or automobiles with an air of inexpressible though languid hauteur. - "His Own People", Booth Tarkington.
  3. On one of the cushioned benches against the wall in the most decorative of the dining- rooms of the up- stairs suite, a little girl was lying stark against the brilliant blue of the upholstery. - "Outside Inn", Ethel M. Kelley.