Part of speech: adjective

Fearless; intrepid.

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Usage examples "undaunted":

  1. Then, resolutely suppressing such unworthy weakness, the lofty inspiration of her mission in life dominated her, and she stepped forward undaunted. - "The Tracer of Lost Persons", Robert W. Chambers.
  2. The greatest lesson we can learn from the past is that we should prove true to the opportunities of our time; that we should with unselfish motive and undaunted hearts accept the responsibilities that come to us as partners in our magnificent Empire, and share in the achievement of greater triumphs for freedom and justice than have ever been recorded in the past. - "Brock Centenary 1812-1912", Various.
  3. This would involve the engaging of an extra girl for the dairy and chickens, and an extra man to help Broadhurst with the cows, but Joanna was undaunted. - "Joanna Godden", Sheila Kaye-Smith.