Part of speech:

Not; used to express negation, incompleteness, or opposition.

Part of speech:

Back; used to express the reversal of the action of the verb.

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Usage examples "un":

  1. " Jump up, young un," Bill said; " and you, Jack, get off your sea- boots. - "A Chapter of Adventures", G. A. Henty.
  2. The idea of a house, founded two hundred years ago upon a crime, remaining ever since in possession of its original owners, and becoming the theatre, at last, of the judgment upon that crime, is a thoroughly picturesque idea, but it is thoroughly un- American. - "Confessions and Criticisms", Julian Hawthorne.
  3. I tell yo' un I don't like it. - "The Courier of the Ozarks", Byron A. Dunn.