Part of speech: noun

A wind of cyclonic force, occurring in the China sea.

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Usage examples "typhoon":

  1. The typhoon had embraced a diameter of about two leagues, and, like a violent hurricane, had upset and shattered everything it met during its course. - "Adventures in the Philippine Islands", Paul P. de La Gironière.
  2. The age- seasoned frame houses there huddled close enough for the hot contagion to sweep them with typhoon speed and they went up in spurts like pitch barrels. - "A Pagan of the Hills", Charles Neville Buck.
  3. Above him are formidable hosts of deities and spirits, and even European engineers cannot subdue the genii of the flood and typhoon: below but still not separated from him are the various tribes of birds and beasts. - "Hinduism and Buddhism, Vol I. (of 3) An Historical Sketch", Charles Eliot.