Part of speech: noun

A silver coin of the value of two pennies.

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Usage examples "twopence":

  1. Now then, Jack, supposing it possible that Farmer Gripe may, under pain of being turned out of your cottage, have made you put your twopence a week into one of these banks, let us see what is the natural consequence of your so doing. - "Political Pamphlets", George Saintsbury.
  2. Still, it is a wonder how he can keep them up on a shilling a day, and all but twopence of it deferred pay! - "Sweethearts at Home", S. R. Crockett.
  3. Meanwhile Private Cosh, the linguist of the platoon, proffers twopence, and says: " Doolay- ye unnerstand?" - "The First Hundred Thousand", Ian Hay.