Part of speech: verb

To weave with raised lines.

Part of speech: noun

A twilled fabric.

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Usage examples "twill":

  1. For myself I don’ t care a copper, but ’ twill be mighty mortifyin’ to you, though I think you desarve some mortifyin’, for how in thunder a chap of your sense ever come to be made such a precious fool of is more’ n I can tell." - "Tempest and Sunshine", Mary J. Holmes.
  2. The tune was not quite beyond recognition, and no musician was ever more in earnest, ever more soul- tied to an elusive, unwritten air than the black boy who wore little else than his own unwashed complexion and a strip of red Turkey twill. - "Tropic Days", E. J. Banfield.
  3. An thou dost that, ’ twill be as loyal a service as e’ er them did’ st the House of Mountjoy. - "Cedric, the Forester", Bernard Gay Marshall.