Part of speech: noun

A turning out or coming forth.

Part of speech: noun

An equipage.

Part of speech: noun

A side track, as along a railway.

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Usage examples "turnout":

  1. The victims were to take the cars at a station called Clarkson turnout, which was about four miles from master's place. - "My Life In The South", Jacob Stroyer.
  2. As Johnnyboy, leaning against the railing, was regarding the turnout with ill- concealed disdain, Jack, in the pride of his triumph over his rivals, good- humoredly offered to put him in the buggy, and allow him to take the reins. - "The Bell-Ringer of Angel's and Other Stories", Bret Harte.
  3. " Do you mean to say," I inquired, " that such a turnout as this can be had for the asking?" - "Daybreak: A Romance of an Old World", James Cowan.