Part of speech: adjective

Having the sediment stirred up; cloudy; muddy.

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Usage examples "turbid":

  1. If, instead of a lake, our animal had gone to the bottom of some estuary into which poured a river turbid with mud, the process of entombment would have been still more rapid, while, had the creature been engulfed in quicksand, it would have been the quickest method of all; and just such accidents did take place in the early days of the earth as well as now. - "Animals of the Past", Frederic A. Lucas.
  2. This makes the whole river turbid again after the waters of the two rivers have flowed long enough together to get well mixed, and then it continues turbid all the way to the sea. - "Rollo in Geneva", Jacob Abbott.
  3. In this effort, he stumbled upon something like a path, which, pursuing, brought him at length to a small and turbid creek, into which he plunged fearlessly, and soon found himself in swimming water. - "Guy Rivers: A Tale of Georgia", William Gilmore Simms.