Part of speech: noun

an obvious truth

Part of speech: adverb


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Usage examples "truism":

  1. It is a truism that without good citizens the best of governments must fail; but our experience of the House of Commons and of the many town councils has shown that the improvement of the machinery and the handing over of control to the great body of the people have brought public- spirited men to the front to do the duties required. - "Practical Politics; or, the Liberalism of To-day", Alfred Farthing Robbins.
  2. To say that she had intimidated the Chinese, instead of coaxing them or bargaining with them, would be a truism. - "The Inside Story Of The Peace Conference", Emile Joseph Dillon.
  3. " After a storm, there comes a calm," is a truism well known. - "Words of Cheer for the Tempted, the Toiling, and the Sorrowing", T. S. Arthur.