What does the word trowel mean?

Usage examples for trowel

  1. Or ever the Diet had met, many hands had already been at work on these buildings; and in these days every man soul in Nuremberg, from the boys even to the grey- haired men, wielded the spade or the trowel. – The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers by Georg Ebers
  2. The knife is superior to the carnivore's teeth for tearing meat; the hoe better than the mole's paw for digging earth, the trowel than the beaver's tail for beating and spreading mortar. – Essay on the Creative Imagination by Th. Ribot
  3. Thence it turned towards the Hammer- and- Trowel, but no one at the farm- houses on the road had seen any one pass except a Quaker, wearing the usual broad- brimmed hat and drab coat, and mounted on a large, sleepy- looking horse. – The Story Of Kennett by Bayard Taylor