What does the word trough mean?

Usage examples for trough

  1. We soon reached a most splendid kind of stone trough, under a little stony bank, which formed an excellent spring, running into and filling the little trough, running out at the lower end, disappearing below the surface, evidently perfectly satisfied with the duties it had to perform. – Australia Twice Traversed, The Romance of Exploration Australia Twice Traversed. The Romance Of Exploration, Being A Narrative Compiled From The Journals Of Five Exploring Expeditions Into And Through Central South Australia, And Western Australia, From 1 by Ernest Giles
  2. " We ducked him in the horse- trough. – For the Liberty of Texas by Edward Stratemeyer
  3. I looked round, I put down my pitcher, I picked up a clumsy log And threw it at the water- trough with a clatter. – Georgian Poetry 1920-22 by Various