Part of speech: noun

A cavalryman.

Part of speech: noun

A troop horse; charger.

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Usage examples "trooper":

  1. The trooper continued, emphasising his words by raising a clenched fist and striking the board a blow. - "The Plow-Woman", Eleanor Gates.
  2. That was about all the explanation Leland ever got, but in another moment or two the trooper, who seemed to be looking at him curiously, spoke again. - "By Right of Purchase", Harold Bindloss.
  3. We were halted on the march for a moment, sitting about and smoking, when the General gave the word to mount, and one of the orderlies, a trooper of the Lancers, jumped up in a hurry and left his pipe behind him. - "With Rimington", L. March Phillipps.