Part of speech: noun

The branch of mathematics that treats of the relations of the sides and angles of tringles.

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Usage examples "trigonometry":

  1. For this statement you will have to take my word until you can handle the form of mathematics known as " trigonometry." - "Letters of a Radio-Engineer to His Son", John Mills.
  2. I told them it was easy in each city to compute the exact turning, by corners and circles- By spherical trigonometry, certainly, said Mendelssohn pleasantly. - "Dreamers of the Ghetto", I. Zangwill.
  3. But, all the same, I took with a great deal of thankfulness the dressing- down I had got from my father for being late for home lessons on a trigonometry night. - "The Dew of Their Youth", S. R. Crockett.