Part of speech: noun

One who plays tricks; a cheat.

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Usage examples "trickster":

  1. While I was considering what to do with him, since his behaviour was very threatening, I was greatly relieved by seeing an Englishman come in after him, who proved, indeed, to be no other than my old acquaintance, Trickster Tim. - "Athelstane Ford", Allen Upward.
  2. There were too many things to explain; too many things which seemed to connect her directly with the Rodaines; too many things which appeared to show that her sympathies were there and that she might only be a trickster in their hands, a trickster to trap him! - "The Cross-Cut", Courtney Ryley Cooper.
  3. I am going to treat her as if she were an unconscious trickster. - "The Shadow World", Hamlin Garland.