Part of speech: verb

To raise with a rope; tie or lash.

Part of speech: noun

A very short time; instant; only in the phrase in a trice.

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Usage examples "trice":

  1. An adventure, an anecdote, a scene, a rapid glance, a detail, suggests a literary or artistic creation; but the organic form does not appear in a trice. - "Essay on the Creative Imagination", Th. Ribot.
  2. With a motion like a cat he sprang into the necessary garment which nestled limply on the floor by the bed, and was at the window in a trice. - "The City of Fire", Grace Livingston Hill.
  3. " Why, of course I am, sir," was the reply, immensely pleased; and in a trice the farmer returned with a foam- capped jug and a glass. - "The Red Derelict", Bertram Mitford.