Part of speech: noun

A beam supported by four divergent legs.

Part of speech: noun

An open braced framework for supporting a bridge, or the like.

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Usage examples "trestle":

  1. " Maybe Harry fell in that river and was drowned," suggested Tubby, pointing ahead down the tracks to the trestle crossing the San Pedro River. - "The Boy Scouts On The Range", Lieut. Howard Payson.
  2. She finished her dressing at top- speed, hurried on her hat and jacket, stole softly out to where the others awaited her, and in five minutes they were smoothly running down the gorge, over high trestle- work bridges and round sharp curves which made her draw her breath a little faster. - "Clover", Susan Coolidge.
  3. Meanwhile Maxwell had seated himself on the opposite veranda, and, after a glance at a trestle couch which showed him that Niven was apparently asleep, was gazing out to sea. - "The League of the Leopard", Harold Bindloss.