Part of speech: noun

The sirup obtained in refining sugar; loosely, molasses.

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Usage examples "treacle":

  1. The treacle tanks and great reservoirs of linseed tea were thoroughly dragged, but with no result whatever. - "Bill the Minder", W. Heath Robinson.
  2. The pretty blue sea and the brown fisher- folk call for popular admiration almost as imperatively as the sunset in the village churchyard; and when an artist- for in his adventures among dealers Mr. Smith met one or two- points out how much less like treacle Mr. Hook is than Mr. Leader, and how much more flowing and supple the drawing of the sea- shore is than the village seen against the sunset, Mr. Smith thinks he understands what is meant. - "Modern Painting", George Moore.
  3. Thus, in addressing Mr. Taylor, on August 23, 1819, he says: " I equally dislike the favour of the public with the love of a woman; they are both a cloying treacle to the wings of independence." - "Life of John Keats", William Michael Rossetti.