Part of speech: verb

To change in nature, substance, or form; transform.

Part of speech: adjective


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Usage examples "transmute":

  1. In the midst of the contentious Christian sects of the capital, both father and son remained heathen and worshippers of Isis; and when the old priest died at an advanced age, Horapollo moved to Memphis where he led the quiet and secluded life of a student, mingling only now and then with the astronomers, astrologers, and calendar- makers at the observatory, or visiting the alchemists' laboratories, where, even in Christian Egypt, they still devoted themselves to attempts to transmute the baser into the noble metals. - "The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers", Georg Ebers.
  2. It would transmute the unsightly rubbish of the place into fertilizing ashes, and clear the ground for the plow. - "Driven Back to Eden", E. P. Roe.
  3. No matter how abundantly the ground may be enriched at first, time and chemical action are required to transmute the fertilizers into the best forms of plant- food, and make them a part of the very soil itself. - "The Home Acre", E. P. Roe.