Part of speech: noun

A resident of a town; also, a fellow citizen.

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Usage examples "townsman":

  1. The constable arrested three men of the street tumbler and wandering vagrant type, who were examined, proved easily that they were elsewhere; and after the vote of condolence to our esteemed fellow- townsman, Stuart Denville, Esq, which followed the inquest, there seemed nothing more to be done but to bury Lady Teigne, which was accordingly done, and the principal undertaker cleared a hundred pounds by the grand funeral that took place, though it was quite a year before Lady Drelincourt would pay the whole of his bill. - "The Master of the Ceremonies", George Manville Fenn.
  2. One day, as he was playing at the monastery where he was in retirement, the wind blew aside a curtain just as a fellow townsman was passing. - "The Love Affairs of Great Musicians, Volume 2", Rupert Hughes.
  3. Suddenly there drew up at his door a man of piteous appearance, with brown hair and beard, dressed like a ragged townsman, and carrying a great staff in his hand. - "Flemish Legends", Charles de Coster.