Part of speech:

Burning; hot.

Part of speech: adjective

Sultry; scorching.

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Usage examples "torrid":

  1. Sam accepted the offered chair, altho he would have preferred a situation a little less torrid. - "Captain Jinks, Hero", Ernest Crosby.
  2. The Roman T, in its bravery, Both first itself disclose, But so high it turns, that oft it burns With the flames of a torrid nose. - "Flowers from a Persian Garden and Other Papers", W. A. Clouston.
  3. The Javanese, like all people living under a torrid zone and a despotic government, are of an indolent disposition, and, it is said, require great excitement to make them work; but the real secret of their idleness is the certainty that they will not be allowed to enjoy the fruits of their labour. - "Old Jack", W.H.G. Kingston.