Part of speech: noun

Complete or partial insensibility; stupor; apathy; torpidity.

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Usage examples "torpor":

  1. At the end of two days he rallied from his torpor; he awoke, he remembered he was a man born to work, to earn his daily bread, and bear the burden of life. - "Rachel Gray", Julia Kavanagh.
  2. His mental powers, fluctuating between torpor and animation- shaken, but not overpowered by the trials which had assailed them- suddenly rallied, and resuming somewhat of their accustomed balance, became awakened to a sense of their own aberration. - "Antonina", Wilkie Collins.
  3. There she sat- with the death- like torpor of resignation in her face- waiting her sentence in silence from the man at whom she had hurled the whole terrible confession of the truth in one sentence! - "The New Magdalen", Wilkie Collins.