Part of speech: adjective

Dormant; numb; sluggish.

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Usage examples "torpid":

  1. The air without was torpid and heavy; the wood, by an oversight, of the sort called soggy. - "I and My Chimney", Herman Melville.
  2. It was not in a completely torpid state, and after being exposed to the air a few hours, it crawled in true toad- like style. - "The Romance of Natural History, Second Series", Philip Henry Gosse.
  3. The man who does not care and ceases to grow, becomes torpid, stiffens, is in a sense dead; but he who has been growing all the time need never stop; and where growth is, there is always capability of change: growth itself is a succession of slow, melodious, ascending changes. - "Paul Faber, Surgeon", George MacDonald.