Part of speech: noun

A transparent gem of a yellow color.

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Usage examples "topaz":

  1. " His name is Topaz! - "Jewel's Story Book", Clara Louise Burnham.
  2. When at last she admitted Minna the latter saw at once the ravages of inward fever; Seraphita's voice was hollow, her skin pallid; hitherto a poet might have compared her lustre to that of diamonds,- now it was that of a topaz. - "Seraphita", Honore de Balzac.
  3. A chorus of welcome arose from a strange company of creatures, caged and free: finches, linnets, a parrot, a raven which sidled up at once to have its head scratched, pigeons strutting and cooing on the window- ledge, and a large cat of a slaty- blue color with solemn, topaz eyes, which took no more note of Zipero than if he had been a dog of stone. - "In the Days of the Guild", Louise Lamprey.